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April 2019
masterclass Applied Biocatalysis
Organised by The Graduate Schools VLAG and ENTEG (Groningen)
Wageningen Campus

Background Enzymes are used in various industrial processes ranging from the ton scale conversion of starch to the gram scale synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients. The enzymes used in these industrial processes need to be robust, cheap and work under varying conditions. This masterclass will provide detailed information on the basic principles of enzymes, their engineering and immobilisation, and matters relevant to their industrial use. In addition, emerging fields such as use of enzymes in combination with chemical catalysts, alternative cofactors, enzyme nanoreactors and the use of enzymes in the lab on a chip will be discussed. A special session will deal with the future possibilities of CRISP-Cas technologies. Also issues relevant to industrial practice such as intellectual property will be presented.
Apr 29 - May 01