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ForumGuidelines for reporting biocatalytic reactions → Thread: General comments on the guidelines

Subject: Posting
General comments on the guidelines written: 10.05.2010 12:27 hrs

We will be very pleased to get comments on these guidelines from members of ESAB and guests with interests in biocatalysis. We hope the document will be useful to stimulate debate on what is needed to improve the value of experiments in our field.

Peter Halling
Univ Strathclyde, UK.

mwoXuBsdjT written: 20.09.2012 13:58 hrs

I agree Cher-El with your thoughts cincernong progressive unfolding of truth. Truth is absolute and is unchanging, If, you have the whole truth on that topic. God is Absolute yet it will take eternity to fully get to know every Nuance of His Character, Yet God is never changing. The Truth is similar there is a lot of depth in the scriptures we have not even seen yet. And as God unfolds the truth through whomever He chooses we need to listen for it. The problem is People even Brethren get trapped in stagnation of knowledge for fear our hesitation or whatever and they lock their minds. Then they sin when they cause grief to those that have accepted the truths handed down by God through whomever and even cause harm to the one God used for their own benefit, which is whoever. I believe Pastor Russell was not of the mind set to dismiss new data; he encouraged Godly reason and used many thoughts of contemporary Bible Students of his time. He would want us to do the same; unfortunately there are some in the Brotherhood that think they can get away with being a spiritual police force. I have news for them; God is not pleased with their behavior and it will cost them when their final judgment is passed.We should be motivated to search out the Bible, especially where Pastor Russell did not cover which is quite a bit actually and I am extremely thankful for the Brethren which came after Pastor Russell and found the answers to scriptures which are not covered in the volumes or reprints. I believe Pastor Russell feels the same way, from his new vantage point!Our Personal negative pride should always remain in check with the fact that any truth known is from God and we have nothing unless He gives it to us. If we remain thankful for each spiritual meal as we are or should be for our temporal meal then Pride on a negative scale should remain nulled out. There is nothing wrong with the happiness of knowing that God used you for something specific whether it is in unfolding of data or a prayer answered towards a fellow human being. To be used of God in any positive way is a blessed reason for happy self contentment on the matter.I believe that the perfect day is individually specific and concerns reaching that condition of existence where God knows you will be happy in His universe.For some it is the Divine Nature others the Great Multitude and so on into perfect life on the lowest level. When one achieves perfection in that day, time or hour their reality of truth becomes absolute, even though I believe individuals never fully stop learning something, going back to an earlier statement about even the Divine Family needing eternity to understand God in every fine detail which makes up His wonderful self existent personage.We should always feel encouraged to keep that focused and motivated reasonable thought process aimed heaven ward and not let any of the spiritual bullies get us down or stop us from achieving the will of God. Our Liberty in Christ and the kindred fellowship processes are designed for weeding out unreasonable thoughts; yet If we are stifled in our attempts to discuss topics or scriptural issues then what good is fellowship and meeting together? None, which is why a healthy reasonable searching atmosphere should always be encouraged and fostered for growth in the Ecclesia’s as well as good cross ecclesiastical relationship foundations of communication. These positive interrelation processes are waning as time marches closer to the end of the Gospel Age.If any person only accepts data from a source without testing that data then they are doomed to fall in the ditch. This is a great failing of false christendom and we should know better to get into that trap, however the baggage of imperfection and faulty character will find a way to fall into a self made ditch if allowed. Unfortunately our Ecclesia’s are getting weaker due to Eldership stagnation and perpetual popularity voting, instead of Godly reason being the main factor in Elder placement.I believe Pastor Russell would strongly reprimand some of the goings on in our brotherhood these days and I wish he were here to do it. However he is not so it is up to those who can, when and where, they can to speak up and be courageous enough to realize that God is the rewarder and not anyone else.

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