After the foundation of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB) in 1978, a Working Party on Immobilized Enzymes was approved in 1980, under the chairmanship of Poul Poulsen. Further Chairpersons were Jan Konecny, Urs von Stockart, Bo Matiasson, Joaquin Cabral, Antonio Ballesteros, Jacques Baratti and Maurice Franssen.

Meanwhile, in 1985 the name "Immobilized Enzymes" was changed to "Applied Biocatalysis". (In 2000, all EFB Working Parties were transformed into Sections). ESAB (EFB Section on Applied Biocatalysis) has also 5 Honorary members (J. Tramper, J. Cabral, E. Vandamme, P. Poulsen, K. Hult).

The present Chairman is Roland Wohlgemuth. ESAB organised its 70th meeting of the Scientific Board in March 2013.




"non conventional media"

First: 1986, Wageningen, Netherlands.

2nd: 1992, Noordvijkerhout, idem.

3rd: 2005,  Manchester, UK.

4th: 2008, Moscow, Russia.



1st:1996, Ede, The Netherlands. "New frontiers in screening for microbial biocatalysts".

2nd 1997, Madrid, Spain. "Novel biocatalysts".

3rd: 2010, Exeter, UK. "Novel Enzymes 2010"  

4th: 2014, Ghent, Belgium. "Novel Enzymes 2014".


 ESAB series on "Protein Stability"

1. 1992, Maastrich, The Netherlands.

2. 1998, Madrid, Spain.

3. 1998, Leeds, UK.

4. 2000, Lisbon, Portugal.

5. 2002, Toulouse, France.

6. 2004, Bratislava, Slovakia.

7. 2007, Exeter, UK.

8. 2009, Graz, Austria.

9. 2012, Lisbon, Portugal.

10. Stressa (Lake Maggiore), Italy.

11. 2016, Istambul, Turkey

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