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European Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry

White Biotechnology in SusChem Technology Platform

The chemical and biotechnology sector organisations CEFIC and EuropaBio, with the support of the European Commission, launched a European Technology Platform on Sustainable Chemistry (SUSCHEM) for establishing a long-standing public-private partnership to increase investment on research and innovation and to boost European competitiveness in the different sectors.
The SUSCHEM Technology Platform includes three key technology areas for Europe:

  • industrial/white biotechnology
  • materials technology
  • reaction and process design

  The Vision for the SusChem European Technology Platform is outlined in the Vision for 2025 and beyond which was formally endorsed at the Second Stakeholder meeting in Barcelona.

The complete draft SusChem Strategic Research Agenda and the appendix are now available. Comments are welcome.  

   The final Implementation Action Plan  is now available. The immediate focus is defining priorities for the Commission’s Framework 7 programme but the focus is also the longer term and national initiatives technical themes underpinning the industry’s future in Europe

  EuropaBio's Policy Forum on Advanced Therapies  was held 8 November 2006.
 For further details contact Adeline Farrelly


The presentations of the 7th Stakeholder Meeting , 3 February 2009, Prague are now available on the SusChem Technology Platform website


Industrial or White Biotechnology in SusChem

EuropaBio and ESAB (European federation of biotechnology Section on Applied Biocatalysis) are coordinating the industrial/white biotechnology pillar of the SusChem Technology Platform. An important number of stakeholders have been involved to develop a document setting the targets for the next 20 years in Industrial/White Biotechnology.


After setting up the working document entitled: "Industrial/White Biotechnology - A driver of sustainable growth in Europe" , stakeholders set out to define a Strategic Research Agenda on a number of strategically important issues for Europe's future growth, competitiveness and sustainable objectives.
This document is available on request to Camille Burel .

For more information on the Industrial biotech section of SusChem please contact the Secretariat contact details below).

At a later stage stakeholders will develop and implement an Action Plan that covers implementation of the SRA, structural policy measures to provide incentives and overcome barriers for the introduction of the new technology, to raise awareness, to communicate its impact to the general public, and to promote public acceptance of this new technology.


The launch of the technology platform

For further information, contact:

Camille Burel
Secretariat of Industrial Biotechnology section
SusChem Technology Platform
Tel: +32 2 739 11 82
Fax: +32 2 735 49 60

Avenue de l'Armée 6
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium

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