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Dear colleagues,


As you will probably know, the work on Guidelines for Reporting of Biocatalytic Reactions, endorsed by ESAB, was published in Trends in Biotechnology, Volume 28, p 171-180. A preprint of this article is available here, and may be distributed to anyone interested. We also welcome comments on how the guidelines might be improved and/or implemented more widely.

A Forum has been established, at which comments and discussion on the guidelines may be entered by anyone interested.


Mission :

The mission of the Section is to promote the development of Applied Biocatalysis throughout Europe. Applied Biocatalysis is the development through science and engineering of useful biological catalysts and their commercial applications.

Aims :

The aims of this Section are:

  • to take initiatives in areas of growing scientific and industrial interest and importance in the field of applied biocatalysis

  • to identify key topics which may be rate-limiting in the development of scientific progress and technological prospects in applied biocatalysis and to take steps to stimulate these areas

Benefits for ESAB members :

  • All members receive the electronic newsletter every second month, which contains information about upcoming symposia and courses, and the latest state of affairs concerning relevant calls in the European Framework programmes.

  • The large and growing number of ESAB members is our strength for successfully influencing R&D programmes at the EU level. ESAB competence and actions bring the topics of importance to its members in the European agenda and research funding programmes.

  • ESAB members are entitled to receive a personal subscription at reduced rate (50 EUR) to the journal Biocatalysis and Biotransformation. Write to Antonio Ballesteros, Editor-in-Chief, for more information and procedure.



The 80th Anniversary ESAB Scientific Committee Meeting, 30 June 2018, 09.00 – 14.00 h at the University of Geneva, Centre Médicale Universitaire (CMU)+++

9 avenue de Champel, Conference room A04.3011 located in building A and B of the new CMU, 4th floor, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland.

  2. Meeting VENUE



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