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November 2016
European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology

Graz, Austria

You are active in industrial biotechnology and are looking for something special? You always thought of an event that not only covers science, but also industrial needs and hopes, funding resources or political aspirations? Stay tuned and keep up with The European Summit of Industrial Biotechnology (ESIB) 2016!
Nov 14 - Nov 16
TeQ - Chemical and Process Technology 2016
The TeQ trade show will be the meeting point for generating business in the Brazilian chemical industry. The event will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the first time in 2016, addressing Laboratory Equipment; Chemical & Biotechnological Processing; Pharma & Food Processing; Plant Components; Packing, Storage & Logistics; Measurement, Control & Automation; Research & Innovation; and Corrosion and Materials.
Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brazil

Nov 08 - Nov 10
October 2016
Novel Enzymes Conference
5th International Conference on Novel Enzymes
Groningen, The Netherlands


The 5th International Conference on Novel Enzymes (INEC16) aims to provide a forum for the presentation of the most exciting advances and new findings concerning enzymes. The conference is a continuation of the conference series on Novel Enzymes, of which the previous was held in 2014 in Ghent, Belgium. The goal of the current conference is to provide an overview on recent developments and future perspectives on enzymology research. Emphasis will be given to discovery of new enzymes, engineering approaches (including novel assays), and newly developed enzyme applications.

The conference is aimed at bringing together researchers, from academia and industry, working in the field of enzymology, and to facilitate stimulating discussions. Keynote lectures are delivered by reputed academic and industrial scientists who will present new developments in diverse areas of molecular and applied enzymology.
Topics: · Enzyme discovery · Enzyme assays · Enzyme engineering · Enzyme applications

The conference will be held from 11-14 October 2016 in the Hampshire Hotel - Plaza Groningen, located at Laan Corpus den Hoorn 300, 9728 JT, Groningen, The Netherlands.

Oct 11 - Oct 14
August 2016
8th International Congress on Biocatalysis
biocat 2016 Hamburg
Hamburg University of Technology - Germany

Dear colleague, Developing a bio-based economy is a worldwide strategy to address the global challenges of dwindling fossil energy reserves, environmental pollution and climate change in the light of a growing world population. Biocatalysis is one of the key technologies to address this complex task helping to produce sustainable raw materials and energy supply from biomass, while at the same time taking responsibility for the world’s food supply. Biotechnological products already find application in chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry and the developing bio-economy is expected to create new processes and products and new job opportunities. To face the enormous and diverse challenges of our time bridging the gap between research and markets of the future is particularly important. The successful concept of biocat is due to an interdisciplinary approach integrating the know-how of well-acknowledged biologists, biochemists, chemists and engineers from academia and industry. Biocat offers a platform to form strategic alliances for future projects. It is my great pleasure and honor to invite scientists from all over the world to the 8th International Congress on Biocatalysis 2016 (biocat2016) to be held from August 28th to September 1st, 2016 at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH), Hamburg, Germany. Since 2002 we have been organizing the biennial biocat conference series, which is focused on the rapidly evolving fields of biocatalysis and industrial biotechnology. The preceding International Congresses on Biocatalysis attracted more than 2600 participants from over 40 countries. The major topics to be addressed are: Enzyme discovery, production and application Structure-function analysis and enzyme design Enzymatic and whole cell biotransformations Bioprocess engineering and downstream processing Sustainable industrial processes It is our aim to create a stimulating and open scientific atmosphere to foster the development of new collaborations. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Hamburg, an exciting and cosmopolitan city, and to share a successful and enjoyable meeting with you. signature_antranikian Garo Antranikian
Aug 28 - Sep 01
July 2016
76th ESAB Meeting

EXPO Krakow, Galicyjska 9 - Poland

Meeting Room Sala Wieden "A" Agenda:
Jul 03
June 2016
BIOT 2016
Biotransformations 2016
Warsaw - Poland

III rd. Symposium on Biotransformations for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.
Jun 30 - Jul 02
May 2016
11th International Conference on Protein Stabilisation
Istambul Military Museum - Turkey

This conference series as part of the European Section on Applied Biocatalysis (ESAB) has been held for over the past twenty years across Europe and is globally accepted as the most significant scientific conference in the sector of protein stabilization.
May 09 - May 11