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ESAB - European Society of Applied Biocatalysis

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ESAB E-Congress 2024

After our first digital ESAB Congress last year, we received numerous positive comments from our community and the suggestion to organize a digital congress again this year. The Scientific Committee has therefore decided that a digital ESAB congress will take place again this year from November 25-27. Further Information will follow soon.


ESAB E-Congress 2023 on the ESAB Digital Science and Technology Platform
ESAB Digital Science and Technology Platform

On the ESAB Digital Science and Technology Platform, ESAB's past webinars are available to the community. Now, the First ESAB E-Congress is also available there. Access to the platform is provided by a low-cost subscription starting at 10,00 € per month.

ESAB Science and Technology Platform

With more than 7,000 participants in the ESAB webinars, the digital platform promises to become the digital meeting place for the community. Every month, new high-ranked presenations are added.


ESAB Mission

The mission is to promote the development of Applied Biocatalysis throughout Europe. Applied Biocatalysis is the development through science and engineering of useful biological catalysts and their commercial applications.



The aims are:

  • to take initiatives in areas of growing scientific and industrial interest and importance in the field of applied biocatalysis

  • to identify key topics which may be rate-limiting in the development of scientific progress and technological prospects in applied biocatalysis and to take steps to stimulate these areas


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