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SusChem expresses support for a comprehensive and harmonized approach to safe and sustainable chemicals and materials

The SusChem response to the recent SSbD survey has been published on our webpage. This is the SusChem SSbD position that has to be referred to when a SusChem position on the topic of SSbD is needed.


Plastic Strategy
Plastics Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda in a Circular Economy

PLASTICS STRATEGIC RESEARCH AND INNOVATION AGENDA IN A CIRCULAR ECONOMY • 8 The European Commission’s release of its Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy1provides a great impetus for the plastics industry to increase the circularity of a material that offers extraordinary benefits for society...


Impact: Key Enabling Technology in Horizon Europe

Key Enabling Technologies are technologies selected for their ability to: 1) address global challenges (e.g. low-carbon energy or ressource efficiency), 2) support the development of new products and 3) stimulate economic growth and provide jobs...


SusChem Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda

When the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Che-mistry “SusChem” was esta-blished in 2004, we followed the European Commission’s wish that the chemical and the biotechnological industries, along with other important European industries, should “get their act together” and formulate a strategy and a plan...

strategic innovation
Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda
Innovation - Priorities for EU and Global Challenges

SusChem’s vision is for a competitive and innovative Europe where sustainable chemistry and biotechnology together provide solutions for future generations.SusChem’s mission is to initiate and inspire European chemical and biochemical innovation to respond effectively to global challenges by providing sustainable solution...


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