IN Silico Informed metaGenomic Harvesting Technology - INSIGHT - How a smart platform can accelerate the timelines of genes-to-GMP


Jane Mueller / Almacgroup Ltd., Craigavon, United Kingdom

Topic: Industrial Biocatalysis

Biocatalysis is a key enabling technology towards more sustainable and efficient GMP manufacture of active pharamaceutical ingredients. The processes involved in traditional enzyme selection and screening can be resource heavy and limited to publicly available sequenced genomes. Almac’s newly developed INSIGHT platform streamlines enzyme discovery, engineering and development by combining metagenomic and bioinformatic enzyme discovery, high throughput screening, in silico enzyme engineering and machine learning. To accelerate development from “genes-to-GMP” Almac integrates enzyme gene library synthesis into INSIGHT’s multi-level enzyme engineering platform which shortens timelines and makes enzyme engineering more affordable. This talk will showcase a number of selected examples of the benefits of INSIGHT in the discovery, engineering and expression enhancement of novel enzymes from industrially relevant enzyme classes, such as Carbonyl Reductases, Transaminases and Monooxygenases.

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