Enzymes and membranes based innovative processes for synthesis of biobased esters


Yamini Satyawali / VITO NV, Mol, Belgium
Marta Martinez-Garcia / VITO NV, Mol, Belgium
Wouter Van Hecke / VITO NV, Mol, Belgium
Winnie Dejonghe / VITO NV, Mol, Belgium

Topic: Biocatalysis and Sustainable Chemistry

This work reports an integrated reaction and separation process for the enzymatic synthesis of isopropyl palmitate (IPP) and isopropyl laurate (IPL). Experimental tests for IPP synthesis integrated with hydrophilic pervaporation will be presented. This work is part of Horizon 2020 project "INCITE" in which two chemo-enzymatic reactions are demonstrated at TRL 7, one of them is enzymatic ester synthesis with integrated pervaporation. The second examples presented will be synthesis of lignin based antioxidant using enzymatic processes.

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