Innovation as a tool for developing Bioeconomy in Brazil


Bioeconomy is a sector that is gaining more and moreimportance nowadays. One of the most used strategies is the development and optimization of innovative solutions for existing markets, as well as the implementation of new productive chains. Innovation therefore appears as a driving force for the creation of new business models based  on biological and renewable resources in industrial processes, aiming to generate activity in Circular Economy and collective social and environmental benefit.

In this regard, several efforts to encourage innovation have been made, aiming to help creating an innovation ecosystem focused on sustainability.

Among these initiatives, the MCTI/EMBRAPII Network for Innovation in Bioeconomy can be highlighted, as an initiative that integrates 28 research institutes from all over Brazilin different areas of expertise. This network aims to be a promoter of Innovation, developing sustainable solutions using renewable resources and introducing new  products and processes for the industry. EMBRAPII has already financed more than 339 RD&I projects in bioeconomy (enabling technology or application in the area), with 341 companies benefitted, R$ 376 million in investments and 78 requests for intellectual property in over 150 completed projects. Among the network's initiatives, the  Bioeconomy Portal can also be highlighted, which aims to be a virtual meeting point for stakeholders in the various sectors.

The SENAI Institute of Innovation in Biosynthetics and Fibers (ISI B&F) is current leader of the Embrapii Bioeconomy Network. Over the 7 years ofexistence and more than 190 projects that the institute executed, it is possible to present some cases of Innovation in Bioeconomy, which go through sustainable solutions for the textile industry,  new and smart materials, sustainable solvents and green chemistry, pharmaceutical, Diagnostics, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Cosmetics, among others. So, all these cases show that innovation is an essential tool to promote development and sustainability.

About the Speaker(s)

speakerMarcelo Moura graduated in Chemistry from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and has obtained a Masters and PhD degree in Biochemistry, also from UFRJ. Marcelo Moura has experience and worked in theareas of protein engineering, expression of recombinant proteins, process optimization with DoE, molecular biology and biocatalysis. In 2016 he started working at SENAI Institute of Innovation in Biosynthetics and Fibers (ISI B&F) as Consultant Researcher in the Biotechnology Coordination. He participated in R&D projects in partnership with industries in the areas of cosmetics, diagnostics, agrotechnology, health & care, oil & gas, petrochemicals and start-ups. In 2021, he assumed the leadership of the Biotechnology team and have been coordinating and executing projects with companies using Synthetic Biology, Bioprocesses and Biocatalysis as tools for sustainable solution development. Today he is Researcher Specialist in Biotechnology in ISI B&F.

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