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January 27th, 10:00 CET

  • 09.00-11.00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • 10.00-12.00 Central European Time (CET)
  • 16.00-18.00 China Standard Time (CST)
  • 17.00-19.00 Japan Standard Time (JST)

Chairs: Jennifer Littlechild (Exeter University); Roland Wohlgemuth (Lodz University of Technology)




Novel microfluidic platforms for performing high-throughput enzymatic kinetics and imaging flow cytometry

Prof. Dr. Andrew J. deMello, Institute for Chemical and Bioengineering, Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences, ETH Zürich, CH-8093 Zurich, Switzerland


To boldly go: discovering novel biocatalysts in uncharted sequence space using in vivo and in vitro expression

Prof. Dr. Aurelio Hidalgo, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Center for Molecular Biology "Severo Ochoa“, 28049-Madrid, Spain


Capillary Electrophoresis-Based Enzyme Assays

Prof. Dr. Gerhard K.E. Scriba, Friedrich Schiller University, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Jena, Germany


NMR monitoring of compartmentalized catalysis using multi-layered hydrogels

Dr. Neil McKinnon, Principal Investigator, NMR Spectroscopy for Metabolomics and Signalling, Institute of Microstructure Technology, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

See it on the ESAB Digital Platform

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